Twitter, Go TWIT Yourself!


I’m encourage anyone with a twitter account, Instagram, or facebook page to re-circulate this widely!

Here is the link that so offended the stool-samples at Twitter:

It’s Not To Late to Save the Trump Legacy!

If you Despise and Disrespect the POSOTUS (Piece of Shit of the United States) who currently occupies the White House, you will surely enjoy my new, feature-length video of insults to Donald Trump:

POSOTUS – Orange is the New Red!



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Breaking News: Maybe the Traitor-in-Chief Finally Noticed!

My Tweet to@readDonaldTrump:


Considering what our Scumbag-In-Chief tweets on a daily basis, I consider this an honor and respond:

Fuck You Twitter AND (Fake) President Trump!!! 



Tubby Little Mushroom Man:

Click Here to Nominate Michael Avenatti for the Nobel Peace Prize!

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THE most vile, corrupt human being ever to pollute this planet


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